Simulations engine ELMo®

ELMo (Electro-Mechanical Logic Modelling) digitises the testing of complex systems by automated simulations. The simulation engine is an innovative solution for fast and easy logical modelling of an electrical system. ELMo® generates a fully functional logical simulation of the system or subsystem in question directly on the basis of the digitally imported CAD circuit diagrams, the internal database of electromechanical components and further documentation via the connected controller.

Every change of the imported data immediately leads to an adapted simulation scenario – a milestone for the improvement of flexibility and repeatability (in regression tests) of simulation processes.


The relevant logical model communicates with other functional models and busses and enables each individual system component to be manipulated – the possibilities for creating test scenarios are unlimited. Only common formats and standards like Jenkins or Excel are used. The underlying models, busses and CAD applications can be of any type and an appropriate interface allows the use of various test management systems.

Your advantage: You can use your own, already existing models, such as SimuLink, LabVIEW etc., without restrictions.

Due to its unique architecture and powerful calculation algorithms ELMo® is able to simulate even extremely complex systems in real-time.

Tritem offers the development of the simulator as well as the integration of all components from planning to commissioning of the automatic test system as a complete solution.

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Automated test platform

The TRi-XiL platform is a modernised version of a classic model/software/hardware-in-the-loop (ASSAM XiL). The stand-alone Tritem solution differs from the classic version as radically as a smartphone differs from a conventional telephone, namely through specific intelligence. This is provided by the unique simulation engine ELMo®, which drives the TRi-XiL platform.

TRi-XiL allows the combination of physical and modelled components and transforms from a hardware to a software or model-in-the-loop system by integrating emulation technology.

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System test and virtual evaluation platform

STEP® is a simulation system that virtually replaces your system, e.g. a rail vehicle, and is generated using models of its subsystems. Based on NI technology, the simulator can be extended with any hardware subsystems. Thus, it allows the system to be validated according to the model or hardware-in-the-loop (XiL for short) principle.

Our innovative offer consists of providing a ready and comprehensively tested system for automatic testing and validation of the system, which is adapted to the client’s individual needs in a short time – reliably within the agreed time and budget. After purchasing our simulator, you can start your validation processes immediately. Our specialists launch the system and support the client in the optimal use of the ready system and efficient test automation. After reaching the agreed goal, we withdrew from the customer’s premises without the need for further obligations.


Your advantages:

– reliably predictable project duration,
– transparent and reliable cost  structure,
– no forced binding of clients,

– fast and professional support at all times,
– no time spent on own experimental studies,
– no risk from ad hoc selected engineering service providers.


Tritem first implemented this technology more than ten years ago to simulate Bombardier locomotives. Siemens later used it to test the entire TCMS system at ICE.

Many rail vehicle manufacturers value our experience and trust in our simulation solutions’ flexibility, reliability, robustness, and customer-friendliness. See for yourself.

BlackBox Test System

In the form of BlackBox, Tritem provides a test device specially designed for the automation of system tests, including a manipulator and a special camera simulating a human hand and eyes in its housing. That means that your MMI software can be automatically tested in a uniform environment – with or without other components of the STEP® platform.

The unique design allows the black box to work with many MMI displays. The field of action of the black box can be adapted to a wide range of physical dimensions of the display.

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