Our unique range of services is based
on five core competences


Everything from one source: Test and simulation technology for development and validation

Tritem-KnowHow und -Technologie

Tritem know-how and technology help create safety and quality


We develop and build automated test systems for your development and validation requirements

Design - Entwicklung - Validierung

Design – Development – Validation: Everything with a unified technology


Our integrated test infrastructure simplifies your development and validation

We automate the verification and validation process
of your products

Using the most advanced digital technology, Tritem automates the various test and simulation processes.
The complete process chain from the product idea, through design and development to verification and validation
of the finished product.


Everything from a single source: planning, the design, construction and implementation of tests as well as simulations for the validation of complex industrial systems

The basic principle of our technology is the logical simulation of systems and/or subsystems on a PC. Our automated test bench Tri-Xil consists of an X-in-the-Loop simulator, which is scalable and can be used in almost all phases of development. This means that the tests and simulations are integrated into the software development process of our clients right from the start. This makes it possible to minimise project risks, shorten development times, reduce costs or avoid them altogether from the outset and at the same time to increase quality and safety.


Development of hardware and software systems

Central elements of Tritem’s developments are the automated test platform Tri-XiL, the simulation engine ELMo® and the test system BlackBox for human-machine interaction. We can also create further hardware components, for example, test racks with the corresponding connections and plug-in units. Made as standard or according to your requirements, to be able to carry out the most varied test processes in the laboratory.

Integration of hardware and software components

The key element of the Tritem solution is the Tri-XiL platform, a modern, digital version of a classic model/software/hardware-in-the-loop (ASSAM XiL) system, with ELMo® as the simulation engine.

Around this technology core, Tritem groups an environment of efficient integrated systems from in-house developments and industry-standard components from renowned suppliers such as National Instruments NI, IBM and other technology companies to create a complete customer-specific test landscape. It is the key to Tritem’s test automation solution.

 Our core competence is to plan, create and implement this complete test system with all its subsystems and interfaces.

Project support and consulting in one place

…of test and simulation processes for complex systems. We plan tests, develop and build test environments, carry out tests, simulations, complete validation processes, field tests and lifecycle management tasks and automatically generate reports and (error) diagnoses or create testimonials – 100% secure, transparent and traceable at all times.

…mostly engineers, with extensive experience and diverse technological expertise: Software testers, embedded system developers, certified LabVIEW™ experts (including various certified LabVIEW™ architects, CLA) as well as hardware and integration specialists. They are proficient in all aspects of test and simulation processes, such as developing test environments and test planning, creating software models or writing test protocols and special reports.

…It is also based on cooperation with technology partners and client companies. This enables our experts for quick understanding and implementation of your test and validation projects in detail. You can rely on Tritem’s expertise in all aspects of your specific tasks. We are always available to provide you with competent and professional advice, regardless of which technology you use, whether it is subsystems or complete large-scale development projects or whether you want to support your customer in the lifecycle management of your product.

Our company has ISO 9001:2015 /SGS and ISO 17025 certifications as well as ISTQB certificates at all levels. In 2018, Tritem was also certified as an NI LabVIEW Center of Excellence. Therefore we say with conviction:

Tritem is the right partner in every situation and phase of your development project.

With Tritem
you are always
up to date

The Tritem experts are already thinking about the future of your technology projects – today. Our mission is to transform the product development processes for our customers. Part of our understanding of customer orientation is to look at future technology development in the present so that you can always meet the current market situation.

We therefore always ensure that the most modern solutions in your technology sector are available for you at all times. Whether it is automated testing, software development, integration or deployment of an IoT and cloud-based solution, you will always get the best value: Lower project costs, shorter development times, quality assurance and faster time to market for your products.