We automate the verification and validation process
of your products


Tritem technology automates tests of the various subsystems and ensures their smooth interaction and integration. This also applies when checking the compatibility of externally supplied system modules as well as tests of function and interface technology, also directly at the supplier through remote testing.



Different functions are simulated under different test procedures. Further tests for wiring and integration ensure safe commissioning and problem-free integration of hardware and software systems.

The final validation test proves functional safety and compliance with the requirement profile under various controlled conditions.


All tests run automatically in the laboratory and can be implemented, modified and repeated quickly. They are available to you 24/7. Within a short time, our technology thus noticeably increases test quality and depth. All data and information generated in the process (for example test scripts, test sequences and results) are automatically digitally archived and are available for you at any time.



Tritem offers a high-tech remote diagnostic tool in the form of a digital twin for field testing and reliable uptime at the customer’s site. Using the technology described above, the tool can be used to investigate a wide variety of situations and scenarios via cloud-based 3D simulations.



Tritem’s specialists are at your disposal for all activities in the development process. We help both in the preparation and in the testing itself.

Our simulation architectures and processes, which are consistently oriented to your specific needs and based on the automated test bench Tri-XiL, not only enable a continuous, dynamic design process but also provide important applications such as remote diagnosis and lifecycle management.