Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical devices that data scientists and IT pros can use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed. They are also changing how technologies such as IoT, AI and analytics are optimized.

The technology behind digital twins has expanded to include larger items such as buildings, factories and even cities, and some have said that even people and processes can have digital twins, expanding the concept even further.

The simulation built upon the ELMo® engine is a perfect foundation of a Digital Twin of the machine. It can be used for various purposes including predictive maintenance and remote diagnosis.

Featured to work as a Digital Twin of your system throughout its entire lifecycle

It can be fed with real data

It can be used to observe the behavior of its every component

The data can be compared with the actual system from the comfort of the laboratory

To learn more about how to use ELMo as a Digital Twin backbone, see our EXiL Platform