At the heart of the concept:

Tritem Test Technology


The proven solution for virtual system
evaluation and validation

STEP® from the inside

The Multi-Site Test Manager (2) controls the time and location of the test benches.
The system (UUT) which is to be tested on the Tri-XiL platform (1) and the system environment with the ELMo® simulation engine, which automatically generates a model of the respective electrical system, has an Automation Interface (4) which is responsible for signal conditioning, error projection and communication with the Test Automator. In the repository (SRQ & test data storage) all test scripts, test sequences, test results and all other necessary documentation are managed automatically. Tri-XiL is the central element of the system test and virtual evaluation platform
The control centre of the overall test system is the Test Management System, the Test Automator (3). All test sequences are planned and managed here. The Test Automator is composed of:

> the Test Automation Client, which controls the test sequence
> the Test Sequencer, which executes the individual tests and initiates the reporting of results
> the XiL Configuration Manager, which is responsible for the correct configuration of the XiL test system and the software is responsible

A solution designed for the

rail aerospace marine industry

And many, many more…