Our Digital Twin

STEP® is a virtual representation of the target system that allows you to simulate its properties in real-time. If this simulation will enable you to diagnose system errors before your product goes to market, why shouldn’t it work later? Why shouldn’t it be possible to automatically pull the actual parameters obtained from your machine into this functioning and proven copy of your product and check that everything is working correctly? And what if it doesn’t? Why shouldn’t it work for your experts to diagnose the defect quickly and remotely?

Field service can be less qualified than your experts, and it will carry out diagnosis and repair promptly and efficiently, even over long distances.

Whether someone calls it “digital twin” or something else, it doesn’t matter. What we write is not science fiction. You can buy this product. Just now!

Our currently largest digital twin in use
has the following features:

40 UUTs simultaneously in real-time test

1400 units in the system

1200 connections

220 different devices

4300 ProfiNET signals

25000 connection points

All this with a simulator calculation cycle of < 50ms (on industry standard PC).