Meet Tritem

We are the European leader in functional safety and test automation for complex control systems. We incorporate the automatic testing into our customer’s software development process, which saves precious time by avoiding delays and penalties related to late discovery of bugs. 

Tritem is the company behind the EXiL Platform – a ground-breaking solution that ties together functional safety testing with the Industry 4.0

What we do?

The exact spot

With our technology and services, we help our customers identify and fix problems in their control software before they cost too much.

Imagine you are building a train. There is an error in your control software which causes the prototype of your train to accelerate with one boogie and brake with another at the same time. This would inevitably end with hundreds of thousands of Euro loss due to damaged wheels and track and a possible fire.

Now imagine you’ve had Tritem’s solutions on board from the start of the project. You would have known about this issue, including the exact place in the code where it comes from, seen its simulated effect, and you would have fixed it even before you let your train on a real track.

This is what our customers love about us. 

How we do it?

We work hand in hand with the best 

Tritem is a long-time Alliance Partner of National Instruments – a company which is known for delivering top quality laboratory equipment along with data acquisition and measurement technology.

Together with NI we have successfuly implemented projects for someof the biggest companies in the world, becoming their reputable and reliable solution provider.


We use the right tools 

As a NI Alliance partner, we leverage National Instruments’ LabVIEW™ which it is the technology of choice each time one needs to achieve effects as quickly as possible basing on a reliable measurement infrastructure and minimal labour input. Therefore, NI LabVIEWis frequently used for scientific research in general, particularly in research institutes and the development centres of engineering companies around the world.

LabVIEW has everything a modern development ecosystem should have, and is heavily backed by NI and a dynamic community across the globe.

Apart from LabVIEW we use other technologies from NI’s portfolio, including NI TestStand, NI Veristand and InsightCM, along with plenty of tools and languages like .NET, Python, Ruby and C/C++.

We have the right people

Tritem is only as good as the people are. We have specialists with a broad range of experience and technological expertise: software testers, embedded developers and LabVIEW specialists.

We are proud to employ the largest group of certified LabVIEW™ and IN TestStand specialists including several Certified LabVIEW™ Architects (CLA) in Poland. 

Our people also hold ISTQB certificates of all levels.

In 2018 Tritem was awarded the NI LabVIEW Center of Excellence certificate


Working together with Tritem

Long-term partnership  

We find it the most effective to establish a firm, long-term partnership with our customers because we know that trust is build upon time.

When you work together with us you can be sure that you’ll never ever be left alone when things start to get difficult.

We help you keep up with the world

Our mission is to transform our customers’ product development process. We always make sure to offer solutions that are state-of-the-art in their domain. 
Be it automated testing, software development, integration or delivering an IoT-based solution. 
You always get the most of it.

Revolutionary tech evolutionary way

At Tritem we know that if your product development process is already working fairly good, and you’d like to make it even better, it is a task that needs to be carried out with care.

Our services include consulting and process analisys to ensure that the changes are really for better. And only for better.

Proven in railway, applicable virtually everywhere

Our services and solutions like the EXiL Platform or ELMo® have been successfuly used by railway rolling stock manufacturers. 

This technology is however applicable across various domains incdluding but not limitted to: heavy machinery, maritime and manufacturing. 

At Tritem we know that the challenges you face are unlike any other.

As a company we would like to take the years of experience in helping the biggest railway industry players achieve their goals, and apply it to your domain-specific challenges.