Let’s meet in Silicon Valley, June 20th-23rd!

Security, Stability, Sustainability and Resilience – 3S&R is the keynote of the US-Poland Science and Technology Symposium organized by the US-Polish Trade Council at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.   We are excited to participate in panel discussions on AI & Cybersecurity, Smart City, and – in particular – on Digital Transformation of Industry – […]

Tritem at the US Poland Science and Technology Symposium

US Poland Science and Technology Symposium 2022 is a recurring conference bringing together scientists and entrepreneurs from the US and Europe. Presentation of the latest trends, exchange of experiences and networking are the most important aspects of this conference. The conference was held in Palo Alto, California USA, and partly at the Stanford University Campus. […]

Promotion of products in prospective markets

TRITEM participates in the project titled “AFRICA/USA/CHINA – promotion of Cluster products in prospective markets,” co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund within the Operational Programme Smart Growth for the years 2014-2020, project number POIR.02.03.02-22-0003/19-00. Project value: 3,374,667.88 PLN. Funding amount: 2,143,758.01 PLN. TRITEM focuses on collaboration with the USA, closely monitoring prospects in other […]

Modern testing – interview with Tritem’s founder

Vignette der Zeitschrift Tech4u

The technology magazine “tec4u” of the VDI Aachen-District Association has published informative articles on technical innovations and the implementation of new technologies in a very interesting annual edition 2021…(continue in German)… https://www.vdi.de/fileadmin/pages/vdi_de/redakteure/vor_ort/bv/aachener-bv/dateien/TEC4U/VDI_ACBV_Vereinszeitschrift_tec4u_2021

The trade press becomes aware of STEP®

In issue 4/2021, the VDI-Ingenieur-Forum has a short article about our product for system testing and virtual evaluation of complex systems on the title topic of rail as a future means of transport…(continue in German)… Read moore: http://vdi-ingenieurforum.de/?p=566