Why platform?

Moving from a HiL System to a XiL Platform might not seem to be a big deal, but it may bring tremnedous benefits to the quality and competitiveness of your products.

Modern hardware control software development processes evolved to leverage more and more new techniques. The verification and validation part of the classic V-model also had to be re-adjusted to include those new measures and to take maximum advantage of the development products in terms of verification and validation as early as possible.

Since a standard HiL system turned out not to be quite up to that task, Tritem turned to another concept used previously within automotive control software development: a platform capable of testing the product of software development at whatever stage the software is, even before it is actually written or generated and exists only in the form of a model.

This is often referred to as: XiL.

The letter “X” in the term “XiL” indicates a “variable parameter” which can be set to either M – for Model, S – for Software or H  – for Hardware -in-the-loop. 

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A platform which handles several stages of the development model is far more reusable and worth the investment than a standalone solution. Learn more about the EXiL platform.