Predictive maintenance is a maintenance strategy driven by predictive analytics.
The solutions are used for detecting failure patterns or anomalies, but are only deployed when there is high probability of imminent failure.
This helps in deploying limited resources, maximizing device or equipment uptime, enhancing quality and supply chain processes, and thus improving the overall satisfaction for all the stakeholders involved.
Predictive maintenance focuses on predicting when the device failure will occur and preventing that occurrence of failure with the help of maintenance monitoring so that maintenance can be planned before the issue manifests.


EXiL Extended, mated with a thirdparty Cloud-based IoT solution, can predict when maintenance of the system will become necessary based on live and historical data and

the behavior of the simulated system in response to this data

Remote diagnostics

Remotely diagnose the health of the real system by parallelly executing the very same controller code in a laboratory, and update* the control software on the real system from any place in the world