MBT, TDD/BDD Automated – you name it!

We have them all.

Tritem’s experts are recognized all over the world for their research and a substantial input in the development of the software testing domain.
But it is not the seminars and conferences that make us proud of what we do – it is the customers who are grateful to have a partner who provides comprehensive testing services and solutions which tick all the boxes.

Key benefits of test automation

It is known that a good tester, when given enough time, will find an error in anything. However, time is usually the most critical parameter when it comes to testing campaigns, and one way of making more of it is to automate tests. Other benefits include:
  • • Reduction of Staff
  • • Increased test development performance
  • • Improved repeatability
  • • Reduced supervision and overtime – the system also operates at night and on public/statutory holidays
  • • Decreased costs concerning regression tests


Testing for Functional Safety

Functional tests of the product include the detailed verification of functional requirements from the integration of the particular system components to the stage of testing from the point of view of the end-user. These tests are performed based on the existing automatic or manual tests and supported by advanced technologies, tools and methods such as agile/scrum as well as image analysis and robotics. 

If safety requirements are treated as a priority in a particular field, we apply functional tests using technologies which reduce the risk of interference with the internal processes of the system under test.

Need an independent entity to test the software of your product?

If your sick of endless discussions between software developers and testers who keep on putting the blame for the quality issues on each other, there's no better thing to do than to engage an independent entity. Some normative requirements (like those in railway or automotive industries) explicitly demand companies to do this because it is known that only this way they will deliver safer and better products.
We can not only do the testing for you, but also set up the complete testing process according to the newest standards, and help you manage all the testing activities along the way.

Contact us to talk about this and learn more about the possible forms of cooperation.