The Fourth Revolution is underway...

Undergoing the Industry 4.0 transformation is a journey. A journey one has to carefully chose a companion for.

National Instruments is our strategic partner and provides a handful of tools and solutions. All of them constitute a strong foundation for implementing breakthrough solutions of the future.

The value of the Industrial IoT is not in the connectivity of the devices, but in what a company unlocks from the stream of data the smart devices supply. Cloud computing platforms and their services help provide this insight.

Within Industry 4.0 or the Industrial IoT (IIoT), the focus is on integration and better use of existing technologies. In this sense, industry, machines, products, and people are all digitally connected. Manufacturers are mass producing bespoke products in quantities of one. Intelligent software in the cloud connects enterprise IT systems with the operational world, machines, devices, and sensors to control and optimize production flow.

As a service and solution supplier, Tritem provides research, expertise and integration for various things of the IIOT. This includes primarily Test Assets, as our main sort of technology in focus, but also means of Transportation, Heavy Equipment and Operational Assets

National Instruments is famous for their solid operational technology portfolio. This includes sensors, actuators and edge nodes, as well as specialized and dedicacted software solutions. But there’s more: Tritem is capable of integrating also the existing solutions like EdgeX Foundry (for edge computing) and virtually any kind of sensor and actuator that exists.

In the field of Information technology the possiblities reach as far as the stretch of imagination.

Our multi-disciplinary software team is capable of delivering solutions basing on most of the common Cloud platforms, as well as solutions specialized exactly for this purpose, like PTC’s ThingWorx.

As an experienced company we know that there are no two identical IIoT solutions, and that each case needs to be carefuly analyzed and treated individually.

To learn more about the digital transformation to the Industry 4.0 era, contact us directly.