Software development

Software development is one of the most important areas of our activity together with the test development. In practice, both fields frequently prove to be complementary. 

It is not possible to develop a testing system without software development as well as to develop software without testing it.

Having profound knowledge and experience in various software development technologies on different levels: from embedded to the cloud and the web, we offer it as a service to our customers.


.NET / C# / Python

Embedded Software Development

Being a firm partner of National Instruments we are proud to employ the largest group of certified LabVIEW™ specialists including several Certified LabVIEW™ Architects (CLA) in Poland.

NI LabVIEW™  is available for such platforms as Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux and it is an integrated development environment. It enables its users to develop source code and graphical user interface as well as to compile and use the software developed in such a way.

It is a tool of choice if one would like to achieve effects quickly based on a reliable measurement application and minimal labour input. 

Apart from specialists in the field of National Instruments technology, we have a number of Microsoft .NET developers on board. They specialise in such disciplines as databases, web applications or software for the Microsoft Windows platform. 

There is no task associated with this kind of software which we would not be able to fulfil. We can verify and implement all your ideas quickly while employing the agile software development methodology. 

We’re also able to set up a development process from scratch, including all the latest DevOps trends to maximize efficiency and flexibility.

In the embedded systems, such as the PLCs or rolling stock controllers, memory and time are sacred resources. For this reason the programming language of choice is often the assembly or the C/C++ language, since they give the programmer a full control over memory consumption and the performance. This kind of sofwtare usually runs on a sort of a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) like RT Linux, Pharlap or VXWorks,  that are able to secure the tight timing constraints.

Tritem’s engineers are experienced in designing and programming software for the embedded systems, and are always willing to join our customers’ projects at any stage to help them meet the 

deadlines or solve their problems

Hardware development

Tritem has a fully-equipped hardware and prototyping laboratory. We leverage state-of-the-art prototyping techniques, including 3D printing. We also offer design and assembly of specialized hardware devices – from the circuit boards to the mechanics – we’re able to deliver a complete product and guide it through testing and qualification phases. 

Learn more about the products built by Tritem.

Test rack design and assembly

Test racks are typically built to acompany a testing system like our EXiL platform, but apart from this there is a whole variaty of situations in which one might need a customly-built test rack.
Tritem has a fine record of designing, manufacturing and delivering test racks to our customers, some of whom are among the biggest companies in Europe.

We’re able to conduct the complete process related to the creation of a test rack: starting from collecting specific requirements and ideas from the customers, consulting the kind and volume of dedicated hardware components to be included in it (our first provider of choice here is naturally NI), through designing a 3D model of the rack, and finally ordering ordering parts and components, putting them together, delivering and commissioning the operation of the complete thing.

Also once the test rack is operating you can be sure that you’ll never be left alone with it. 

This is just the way we are.