ELMo (Electro-Mechanical Logic Modelling) is an innovative solution for quick and easy logical modeling of the electrical system. Based on wiring diagrams, the internal database of electromechanical components and other documentation, it generates a fully-functional logical simulation of the whole system. This logical model communicates with other functional models and buses.

ELMo was designed to meet all demands of automated testing systems. It allows manipulating each and every wire or device giving unlimited possibilities when creating a test scenario.


ELMo Real-Time simulation can be run under National Instruments VeriStand on the Pharlap ETS or NI Linux Real-Time OS. It allows ELMo to be connected as part of a larger system enabling developers and testers to benefit from a complete suite of NI hardware modules and I/O communication protocols such as ProfiNET, Profibus, MVB, CAN or OPC-UA and interconnect the Real-Time simulation with physical devices under test.

ELMo can also be connected to other, third-party simulation or test execution software using its own internal TCP/IP based interface.


ELMo imports the wiring diagrams from various CAD tools such as Aucotec RUPLAN and ELCAD or Autodesk EAGLE. Thanks to the well-defined interfaces importing files from other CAD tools is easy and intuitive.

The extensive ELMo built-in model library contains many already prepared devices such as switches, relays, lamps or IO devices. In an addition to the basic supported blocks, ELMo is expendable to new user-defined components written in NI LabVIEW®. 


Perform thousands of tests automatically with ELMo internal API, enabling on-the-fly validation of the electrical system and the communication and control software. Test automation can be easily performed using NI LabVIEW®, NI TestStand, Python or C-family languages.


Thanks to the unique architecture and the calculation algorithms, ELMo is able to simulate even the most complex systems in real-time.

Key features

Real-time modeling of the electrical system
Automatic configuration based on wiring diagrams
Works with National Instruments VeriStand


TCP/IP Connection for automated testing
(raw TCP/IP, telnet, WebSocket)
User-friendly tools for manual testing
Build-in interface to NI VeriStand

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