Your success is our success

We provide a wide range of consulting services from the stage of requirement specification as well as the design stage to product acceptance. In order to reduce the costs and the duration of product implementation, we create automatic testing environments which simulate the selected part of the system or a real component.

By applying functional tests, we are able to verify software not knowing its code. Such an attitude to software development entails considerable cost savings since we can remove errors at early stages – before the product is ready to use.

Product and process requirements are thoroughly analysed as far as coherence, completeness and conformity with the European Union standards are concerned. Our qualified expert team conducts this analysis, which enables us to save you trouble at the stage of design and implementation.


…we prepare the documentation from requirement specification to technical sheets. When we create the above-mentioned documents, we take into consideration the latest trends in technical documentation preparation, e.g. we use Systems Modelling Languages such as UML/SysML.

Software development is the most important area of our activity besides test development. In practice, both fields frequently prove to be complementary. It is not possible to develop a testing system without software development as well as to develop software without testing it. It is, therefore, a fair portion of our expertise which we are happy to share in the form of consultancy.

Consulting for certification

Our consulting services include the assistance concerning the implementation of the design/production/testing process according to standards like the EN 50128:2011. 

This way we enable rail vehicle and railway equipment manufacturers aspiring to extend their business to enter the markets of Western Europe. Up till now, our consulting and testing services helped our customers receive homologations in Germany (EBA) for over 10 different types of vehicles.