The ultimate HMI testing solution is here.

The only tool you'll ever need to test any of your HMIs.

What is BlackBox?

In short: BlackBox is a specialized testing device which houses a robot and a camera to replace human hands and eyes, allowing to automatically test the HIM software in a unified testing environment.

It is extremely flexible and will work with any kind of a HMI display as long as its phyciscal dimensions fit within the device’s limits.

BlackBox is built with test automation in mind, and can flawlessly operate for weeks. Take a quick look what’s new in version 2.0.

Human Tester
8h / 5 days a week
24h / 7 days a week
Housing: re-designed for improved maintenance, portability and configurability.
Works with your current HMI. And all the future ones too.
0 cm

Max. display height

0 cm

Max. display width

Housing: well thought-out

BlackBox’s housing is not only preventing the inside of the device from any unwanted light leaks. It is also soundproof. This allows the device to be placed and used next to the user’s desk without being burdensome.

Despite the sound proofing, the interior of the device is still very well ventilated to ensure proper heat dissipation.

Inside: an industry-grade camera and a super-precise manipulator

BlackBox is equipped with a powerful color CMOS camera, paired with a low-distortion lens for optimal image quality. 

The camera mount is adjustable to allow the single focal length lens to cover the complete area of the installed display an thus take advantage of the entire surface of the sensor.

The manipulator included in the BlackBox has the capability of working with both touch panels as well as traditional buttons.

Quality build for quality experience

BlackBox is built to last. You can see it and you can feel it. 

The frame of the device is rock-solid – only this kind of frame guarantees repeatability of the tests. The device has also an auto-calibration feature ensuring that the presision of touch will remain unchanged even during the longest testing campaigns.

Every individual device is going through a demanding series of tests before we release it to our customers.

Dedicated software package

BlackBox comes with a software package consisting of:

  • A dedicated application to control the device, calibrate the camera and test the HMI manually, allowing the user to interact with the display just as if there was no BlackBox in between.
  • A library exposing an external interface to control the device from a script. Thanks to this interface, BlackBox can be integrated into any existing automated testing framework.
  • NI Vision module - our recommended solution for image analisys, OCR and pattern recognition.
  • Device drivers & documentation.
Tech Specs

External dimensions

Display dimensions (max)

Supported display kind

Touch resolution

Movement speed

Image resolution

Frame rate

Image analysis

PC requirements

Test tool class

753 mm x 754 mm x 593 mm

33 cm x 38 cm

Touch-sensitive* panels and panels with built-in mechanical buttons

+/- 0,27 mm

up to 0,7 m/s

12 Mpix

31 fps

NI Vision (recommended)

PC with 1 x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0, Microsoft Windows 7 or higher


* resistive touch-sensitive panels are supported as standard, capacitive panels and buttons available after modifications;; ** as specified by EN 50128

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