Everything from one source: test and simulation technology
for development and validation


Tritem’s experts have extensive knowledge and many years of experience from concrete projects in the field of testing, simulation and automation for the development and validation of complex systems, for example in the market segments of rail, aerospace, shipbuilding and mechanical and plant engineering. Our core competence is the professional management of all related processes, from feasibility analysis, product design and development to system validation for practical operation. This enables us to offer our customers the design and execution of the complete test, simulation and validation projects from a single source – specially tailored to individual requirements. Process reliability, transparency and quality are therefore improved, as is the cost efficiency of all development and validation steps.

We design and build automated test systems for your development and validation requirements

For over a decade, Tritem has been developing the most sophisticated hardware and software solutions for automated testing and validation. Our highly skilled hardware and software engineers design and build state-of-the-art automated physical test stands, as well as software for planning, controlling and managing all test and simulation processes, including a virtual machine for simulations. With their comprehensive know-how, they can quickly and precisely transform customer requirements into individual solutions.


Our integrated testing infrastructure simplifies
your development and validation


We create manufacturer-independent test infrastructures that take into account all the individual requirements of the completely different industrial systems.

The flexibility and scalability of the Tritem solutions are crucial for this. Our outstanding integration and interface expertise make it possible to combine technologies from different manufacturers into a highly efficient complete solution. The combination of independently developed hardware and software with industry-standard solutions from different suppliers (such as National Instruments (NI)) as well as the adaptation of various types of buses and IOs to create a comprehensive test architecture are some of the great strengths of our solutions.

Integration is our strength.

Tritem’s know-how and technology
create safety and quality

Test, verification and validation processes for complex systems are extremely demanding and require exceptional competence in the technology of the systems and comprehensive know-how for implementation in concrete solutions.

Our technological expertise, comprehensive knowledge and practical implementation experience enable our employees to provide our customers with competent and professional support for all aspects of their test and validation projects. This unique combination of modern test systems and know-how reduces complexity and brings planning reliability, quality and transparency to all project stages, from development to implementation. The time for testing and validation can be shortened and costs are significantly reduced.


Design - Development - Validation:
Everything with a single technology


Tritem test and simulation solutions are suitable for use in all phases of the development and validation process. Whether it is functional testing of subsystems of your suppliers, the analysis of the interaction of different subsystems or the functional reliability of a complete system – Tritem’s solutions can be used for all project stages in a uniform, highly automated infrastructure. Even hardware that is not yet available, can be virtually simulated by software (SiL). In this way, current hybrid solutions can be tested and simulated in the same way as pure hardware (HiL) solutions. The largely automated and virtualised processes ensure that most test sequences can be carried out in the laboratory – without interruption, around the clock, seven days a week. Our customers benefit from reduced development times and high-cost efficiency.

Tritem - Our core competences are the guarantee that you can concentrate on your core competence.

“Testing a train is expensive. Testing with infrastructure efforts can cost more than $10,000 per day. Considering non-conformity costs and project milestone delays in the past, using this simulation application reduces cost by $1 million to $8 million per project. Additionally, after importing all the necessary data, we can now create a new train variant and start testing in less than two hours.”

Matthias Reinholdt, Siemens AG Mobility Division

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