Tritem - our competence is your key to success

For more than a decade, Tritem has been helping companies in various industries to optimise complex systems for the challenges of practical operation during the development phase utilizing model-based simulations and automated test procedures within the framework of validation projects.


The core of this is Tritem’s unique software and hardware solutions for various high technology sectors. Whether aircraft, ships, railway systems, production lines or other complex systems, Tritem’s technology and know-how are the optimal tools for model-based testing, simulation and validation of software and the hardware it controls.

With Tritem’s technologies and services, problems and errors in the control software can be identified and corrected during the development phase even before the prototype is built, long before they can cause major costs.

Competitive advantages already in the design and development phase

Even at the level of circuit diagrams and specifications, our solutions – based on the model-based Tri-XiL test platform developed by Tritem and the ELMo® simulation engine – allow the validation of functionality, feasibility, product quality and thus cost-effectiveness through logical simulation of the entire system. The Tritem technology is perfectly suited for special prototypes, product variants and small series and can be easily transferred to large series.

As an independent company, we are a trusted partner of many leading companies in various industries, for example, the largest European rail vehicle manufacturers, such as Bombardier Transportation or Siemens. Tritem’s revolutionary technologies and services provide you with competitive advantages already in the design and development phase of your products.

The experience: Tritem makes the difference

Imagine developing a new generation of trains. During the development process, an error creeps into the control software, causing the prototype of your train to accelerate one wheelset and brake the other at the same time. If the error remains undetected, it will inevitably lead to losses of hundreds of thousands of euros due to damaged wheels and tracks and possibly a fire.

Now imagine if you had simulated this function beforehand, detected the problem with the faulty code and eliminated it before the train is run on the real test track. Tritem’s solutions, which accompany the development work from the start of the project, provide you with precisely this option.


What is proving to be so beneficial for the railway technology sector can be applied to all complex systems, for example to products in the aerospace or shipbuilding industries as well as plant and machine construction with complex production lines.

Tritem’s Expert Team

Tritem’s most important resource is our more than 50 highly skilled professionals (mostly engineers) with broad experience and a wide range of technological expertise: software testers, embedded system developers, certified LabVIEW™ experts (including various certified LabVIEW™ architects, CLA), as well as hardware and integration specialists. They are competent in all aspects of test and simulation processes, such as the development of test environments and planning, the creation of software models or the writing of test protocols and special reports.

Our company has ISO 9001:2015 /SGS and ISO 17025 certifications as well as ISTQB certificates at all levels.

In 2018, Tritem was also certified as an NI LabVIEW Center of Excellence.

Long Term Partnership

The trust between partners and customers grows in the course of successful cooperation. Therefore, it is our goal to build a solid, long-term partnership with our customers.

Tritem can look back at over 15 years of experience with successful test and simulation projects during the validation of complex systems at renowned high technology companies. During this time, our customers have experienced that we have always been at their side, even in difficult situations.  With our technology and know-how, we always strive to find the best solution for you. Our service and support staff work closely with our customers to deal with any special situations and events quickly and effectively.

Tritem’s Profile


2004 – Founded as a specialist for test & validation in the IC industry
2007 – Launch with Bombardier, Loc-Division (Zurich), as “near-offshore site
            for Test & Simulation
2010 – Automated validation solution V.1.0 for Bombardier
2013 – Multipurpose COTS Simulator – ELMo®
2014 – Siemens AG ICE 4.0 – Virtual Train
2016 – Remote / Cloud Test Solution
2017 – System On PC v.1.0

Tritem today

Over 50 employees, 40+ engineers
Competence centre and support in Poland (Katowice)
Sales and Marketing in Germany (Amberg)
All engineers are LabView and/or ISTQB certified
ISO 9001:2015 /SGS certified | ISO 17025 in certification
NI LabView Centre of Excellence | NI Silver Alliance Partner
IBM Business Partner