The EXiL platform is a modern redesign of a classic Model/Software/Hardware-in-the-Loop, with the difference comparable to that between a classic phone and a smartphone. It is based on our unique simulation engine ELMo® which is especially useful for functional validation

3 levels of EXiL Platform

automatically generates the simulated plant
dynamically reacts to changes in product design and electrical schematics
use the same hardware for testing different variants or products almost simultaneously
switch from one to another in a matter of seconds

provides the means and tools to create test scripts
run scripts against the software under test, in a simulated environment powered by ELMo®
ready to use with MiL and SiL configurations
specific hardware or assembly of test benches not required

Our solution is built on National Instruments technologies and the Test Scripting Framework is no exception providing NI’s Test Stand as a sequencer and test oracle. However, other kinds of test sequencer or framework can be employed as required


Test Execution Process definition

No matter how mature your current testing process is, our experts are ready to help you define and implement the optimal strategy, so you can take advantage of all the benefits of the EXiL platform. Our experts will also make sure that the process matches normative requirements and obligations.

Test scripting support

Regardless of the chosen strategy or technique: be it Model-Based Testing, Data-driven Testing or simply scripting the integration tests manually based on system requirements: Tritem offers the support of skilled and experienced software test engineers who will help you get the most of your EXiL setup.

Basic modeling support

ELMo® models in some cases need to reflect a complex logic. This logic is usually a part of the customer’s know-how or vendor’s specification. Tritem’s simulation engineers can provide support in modeling those components to the required degree – from a simple question-answer kind of support to providing the complete working and tested model.

EXiL Foundation is the best choice when...

… you would like to modernize your current testing process/solution or just step into the world of In-the-loop testing and learn the benefits that a well-defined and efficient XiL platform like EXiL can bring to your organization.

EXiL is based on the ELMo® simulation engine
automatically morphs the simulated plant along with the changes in the product design and electrical schematics
standard edition of the EXiL platform ELMo® can run in real-time on NI PXI devices
meets even the most demanding timing requirements

an API standard for the communication between test automation tools and test benches
the EXiL platform fulfills this standard and provides data measuring and mapping functionality
independent from the used test bench hardware and software

The EXiL platform can be integrated into any existing ALM solution: be it a commercial one like the IBM Jazz, HP Quality etc, or a custom one built specifically for your organization – EXiL can work hand in hand with all of them and is guaranteed to fit the development process.

EXiL Standard comes equipped with a dedicated test execution agent, compatible with the OSLC
Automation 2.0 standard
can be used with any kind of OSLC-compatible test management system
compatible with any test sequencer or framework, including but not limited to NI TestStand

provides tools for managing tests of different variants of the same platform
ensures no unnecessary tests are run
traceability from the system requirements down to the test results is preserved. This is especially
important for products built in short batches and multiple variants like trains, locomotives or vessels.

In addition to the services covered by EXiL Foundation, the Standard edition includes

Hardware integration support

Tritem is experienced in designing and assembling rigid and robust test benches tailored to the customer’s needs for use in test laboratories. we also provide support in defining required measurement hardware and custom drivers development.

Advanced modeling support

Includes advanced modeling techniques focused on optimization and efficient resource utilization, also for the Real-Time simulation. It includes modeling of even the most complex subsystems.

Integration with the existing toolchain

If EXiL is to work within an existing ALM/PLM toolchain, we help you integrate it seamlessly and keep it running without any negative impact on the existing set-up.

Typical use case for the EXiL Standard is...​

… if you need to fit the verification and validation of your product’s software into your development process in an efficient, flexible and reliable way. It is also recommended if the control software is to be formally qualified or validated by external authorities

featured to work as a Digital Twin of your system throughout its entire lifecycle
can be fed with real data
observe behavior of its every component
compare it with the actual system from the comfort of the laboratory

cloud-based data storage
dedicated application added to an EXiL System
a whole new set of possibilities for the user

Data collected from both the real and the simulated system provide a better insight into what is really
going on with the system and how could it be improved.

EXiL Extended, mated with a thirdparty Cloud-based IoT solution, can predict when maintenance of
the system will become necessary based on live and historical data and the behavior of the simulated
system in response to this data.

Remotely diagnose the health of the real system by parallelly executing the very same controller code in a
laboratory, and update* the control software on the real system from any place in the world

Data acquired from the real system, in conjunction with the data analyzed by the Digital Twin, can be used to intelligently generate automated tests to be used during regression or for new product variants.

Typical use case for EXiL Extended is...​

if you want to take full advantage of our XiL technologies and not only use the EXiL platform for the development phase (verification and validation), but also leverage the
cutting-edge technologies trending in the industry to improve your product, gain advantage over direct competitors and use your own data as an asset to keep your business defendable.