Expertise in V&V

Verification and validation down to a single Bit

We have specific expertise & experience required for mentoring in the field of distributed control systems verification and validation. Your device, its control software, Human – Machine interface, a combination of analog & digital input/output. Our products will help you automatically execute any test scenarios, shifting the human tester outside the loop, while our experts make sure that the whole process conforms to binding norms and standards such as IEE 50128 or 61131.

Test Automation

Error prevention that starts in the lab

The combination of the long lifespan of modern software systems along with continuous enhancements and bugfixes demands multiple regression test campaigns. At Tritem, we design and create fully automated tests of the control software of your product. No matter if it is a train, an airplane, a submarine or a production line.

Our fine-crafted testing software and specialized solutions will save you time and show you where your products need improvements and fixes before they cost too much.



Digitalize your product with Tritem

If you are familiar with the concept of Digital Twin, you need to know that Tritem’s software can put together the pieces of your idea and change it into virtual reality. We can virtualize and simulate your complete product or its parts. We leverage this technology in our Vritual-HIL concept applied within our EXiL platform.


Control Software Development

Advanced TCMS software made simple

Different products manufactured by our clients often require a different approach to the software development process. At Tritem, we always create control system software in accordance with client’s and client’s product needs, making sure it is there on time and that it works just as expected. Not only the software but the whole development process.

Custom Hardware and Software

Challenging the intricate

We build dedicated test racks and specialized testing devices our customers love for their quality and robustness. 

We’re also able to build custom hardware and specialized software solutions in a matter of days, and we are able to seamlessly convert them into living products after they prove feasible. Simply because sometimes it is the only way to find out.


Stay Always Ahead

We’re here today so that you can move forward tomorrow

Tritem is a blend of experts of different fields and backgrounds. If you feel that your currently used software tools start showing their age yet their original authors are long gone, or if you’d just like to reduce the technical debt to make a step ahead of your competition – that’s when you can count on us.

“Testing a train is expensive. Testing with infrastructure efforts can cost more than $10,000 per day. Considering non-conformity costs and project milestone delays in the past, using this simulation application reduces cost by $1 million to $8 million per project. Additionally, after importing all the necessary data, we can now create a new train variant and start testing in less than two hours.”

Matthias Reinholdt, Siemens AG Mobility Division

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